Insulation Boards For Electric Underfloor Heating

At Electric Underfloor Heating, we offer a range of polyfoam insulation boards. They are lightweight and provide thermal resistance. Designed to be used with laminate, wooden, tiles and vinyl, thermal boards are easy to cut and shape to any floor area.

If you would like to discuss your underfloor heating project or would like more information on insulation boards, contact us on 01473 276680 to talk to one of our team who will be happy to assist.

What is it made of?

We offer a variety of insulation boards for different underfloor installations. They can consist of a glass fibre and cement mix or of polystyrene, but all are pressure resistant and extremely suitable for floor insulation.

What is each type best for?

Depending on you flooring you will want to consider a specific type of insulation. However these are recommendations and certain circumstances can change the appropriately required insulation.

Tile backed boards are best for tiled floors. They are highly moisture resistant, don’t rot or warp and offer great thermal insulation. It is made out of a Polyfoam core providing stable pressure resistance. They are ideal for complimenting underfloor heating mat systems.

XPS insulation boards are great laminate and wooden flooring because of their low moisture absorbance. Perfect for insulating inadequate concrete or screed foundations. XPS are to be taped down and together, providing a simplistic installation