Thermostats - Manual, Wi-Fi, Touchscreen & Programmable

Electric Underfloor Heating offers a range of high-quality thermostats which can be installed alongside underfloor heating solutions. Our product range includes manual and programmable thermostats and more up-to-date, touchscreen and WIFI models.

Take control of your heating solution, the more accurate your thermostat, the more efficient and reliable your onboard heating becomes. Remotely, manually or automatically, use customisable settings to create your own perfect environment. For help with your purchase please contact us on 01473 276680.

Our thermostats are high quality and cost effective; we feature established brands providing stylish discreet heating control. Perfect for electric underfloor heating installations, we offer the latest programmable 24/7 timer thermostats and cutting-edge WIFI models.

Thermostat types

We offer four different types, each with varying functionality. The right one for you depends upon your circumstance and preference.

Manual thermostats

The traditional model, the manual thermostat is simple and reliable. A great choice if you want to replace an outdated model without difficulties.

Their efficiency and performance are dependent upon the homeowner who must remember to turn them on and off. They are not automated so they can easily waste energy and increase costings.

Programmable thermostats

An affordable, automatically regulated electronic thermostat can be a great step up from age-old instalments. Monitoring both floor and air, programmable thermostats can be set on different customisable settings to personalise your heating output.

With large LCD displays, digitised buttons and 24/7 control, programmable thermostats offer superior control and performance.

Touchscreen thermostats

The most stylish and intelligent thermostats, we provide a selection of touchscreen accessible controls. They offer a user friendly installation and experience and also provide energy-saving technologies.

With Open window detection and consumption regulation, new touchscreen thermostats are proven to save money long term. Air, Air & Floor, and Floor only sensing modes, optional programming modes and self-learning capabilities, our touchscreen thermostats are fantastic for any domestic or residential setting.

WIFI thermostats

Remotely control your central heating with WIFI Thermostats. Turn your phone into a heating controller through the straightforward installation and free app. Incredibly useful for owners with irregular schedules, the thermostat connects to your router to allow you to change your heating to activate as and when you need it.

The most advanced thermostats do cost more; money quickly earned back through access to cheaper energy tariffs and controlled energy usage. With self-learning technology and intuitive controls, let cold floors become a thing of the past.

Electric Underfloor Heating provides the best thermostats from superior brands including DEVI, Harmoni, Heatmser and ProWarm. If you need more information call us on 01473 276680.