Electric Underfloor Heating In-Screed Cables & Kits

Developed for a variety of applications including domestic and commercial indoor floor heating. Underfloor heating in-screed cables are used primarily in any new build or extension.

The heating cables are able to radiate evenly across the whole surface, whilst maintaining its warmth created by a deep layer of flooring - unlike a conventional underfloor heat mat. Subsequently offering an alternative total heating solution, which is economical, efficient and comfortable.

When choosing which cable or kit is suitable for your project, bear in mind that the cable should be used at a minimum of 180w per square metre and up to 230w per square metre depending on the heat loss of the building. This is why our guides to areas are between two sizes, the lower is based on 180w and the higher is based on 230w. If you would like to discuss your project further or have any questions, please contact us on 01473 276680 and one of our team will be happy to assist.

The SmartCable underfloor heating product offers a flexible solution for most new build applications where a total heating solution is required. The flexibility of the cable installation allows variable power outputs to be installed with a maximum of 230 W/m². This system will provide a total heating solution in most installation scenarios including conservatories and sun rooms.

Our lifetime warranty ensures your heating cable gives you a lifetime of trouble-free use and is guaranteed against manufacturer defects for the lifetime of the initial floor covering. To offer further protection, the SmartGuard installer warranty guarantees your SmartCable product in the unlikely event that you damage the cable before your finished floor surface is installed. If this happens, we will replace with an equivalent product free of charge.

Our kits provide everything you need to complete your installaion. Kits include:

  • You chosen length of SmartCable
  • Thermostat of your choice
  • Metal Fixing Straps
  • Flexible conduit for floor sensing thermostat