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eMat Pro Electrical Connections

Before installing the eMat Pro you should make allowance for the electrical connections (see diagram below).

The eMat system requires a mains voltage 230/240V and must be connected in accordance with the current IEE regulations and building regulations part 'P' approved document.

For areas up to 35m2 (eMat Pro 100w), areas up to 22m2 (eMat Pro 150w) or areas up to 18m2 (eMat Pro 200w) power connection can be provided through a 13A switched spur outlet/combined RCD spur outlet. For larger areas a dedicated circuit should be installed from the local consumer unit.

Confirm your thermostat is suitable to switch the appropriate electrical load e.g. 15A thermostat 230V is suitable to switch up to 35m2 of eMat Pro 100w, 23m2 of eMat Pro 150w and 18m2 of eMat Pro 200w.

eMat Pro electrical requirements

If you are required to switch greater electrical load than 15A a suitably sized thermostat or electrical contactor MUST BE INSTALLED.

It is a requirement that all eMat systems are protected by a 30ma RCD earth trip either at the consumer unit or by a combined RCD spur outlet.

When installing in a bathroom or other wet areas the thermostat must be located outside Zone 2 (0.6m from any wet appliance e.g. shower, sink etc) or outside of the wet area ideally on the opposite face of the wall. The eMat must be earth bonded in accordance with the current IEE regulations.

Important. When designing your electrical installation you should always consult an electrician concerning your requirements.